Please make sure you fully understand these room rules and guidelines as they have been put into place to help the team be efficient, and therefore, more profitable. GREY SCHOOL's primary goal is to better ourselves as traders and build large portfolios. In order to make this a reality, a professional environment must be implemented and maintained.

The trading chat rooms MUST be kept professional. A professional and efficient environment is NOT filled with clutter. In this case, LESS is MORE. Failure to adhere to the following rules will result in account termination, in which, there will be no refund given in any shape or form. Please feel free to see our Refund Policy.

Per SEC rules and regulation, I am not an investment advisor. With this being the case, if you ask me to look at your watch list / portfolio, you should know that is the job for an investment advisor (which again, I am NOT), and any information given regarding these things will only be personal commentary and opinion.

From 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CST the room becomes a professional trading floor and there will be zero off topic chatter allowed in each appropriate room. What is considered “off topic”? (Within or outside of these hours, the room labelled #art-of-burrito-making is a room for off topic and general discussion)

Posting Information “Outside” the Room
Taking what is discussed and then putting it out on social media, message boards, blogs, etc. is prohibited.
You along with others have paid for this discussion, so we need to keep it private.

“Breaking News”
If the press release is older than 15 minutes, DO NOT post it. It is TOO LATE at that point. The market is a fast fast moving environment, and after 15 minutes, it is “old news”.
I take this very seriously. If you are caught trying to imply that a ticker symbol has “breaking news” and it is actually more than 15-minutes old, you will either receive a final warning, or termination. Trying to mislead the room with “old” news (if it is over an hour old, you are gone for sure) will not be tolerated... 

“Play by Play”
We all have data feeds (if you do not, you should not be trading).
Repeating the same ticker over and over again to describe the action on it is off-topic.
Alert the stock, and leave it at that. We don’t need to know every single time it upticks.

Your Personal Trading
I really do love hearing about your winners and losers, but within the chat room, it creates clutter. Therefore, tell me/the group about your trading journey in the room labeled #transactions or wait until the market is closed.

Do NOT Apologize
If you are warned about not following the rules, DO NOT REPLY. This just creates MORE clutter.
“Sorry”…. “My bad”…. “Won’t happen again”… “I understand”… etc… do not say anything like this — it creates MORE clutter.

Please attempt to keep input as short and simplistic as possible to assist in reduction of clutter.

"Cheerleading or Bashing"
In other words, DO NOT use “!” in the chat. Make “statements”, not “exclamations”.
“Go baby go!” “BOOOOM!” “It’s running!” – this is all clutter. Remember – LESS is MORE.

"Copying and Pasting"
In order to avoid clutter, we don’t need massive blocks of paragraphs or anything else dropped into the chat.
Again, using news as an example, no need to copy and paste a paragraph of a news release, either summarize it in less than 2 sentences, or give us a link and we can go read it ourselves.

New “High of Day” (HOD) or New “Low of Day” (LOD)
These are not alerts. Stocks make new highs and new lows all day long.
With this being the case, these types of alerts simply carry too much potential of creating “play by play” commentary, which is against the rules.

When referencing a stock, please use $ and ALL CAPS
Example: $AAPL – trying for new high on big volume
CAPS should never be used unless for a stock ticker

Revealing any material from paid courses. (To be offered)
Paid courses are a SEPARATE product, and therefore should not be discussed in regards to “what” they teach.

Use of foul language, racist remarks, offensive language in general. If you would not say it in front of your grandmother, then don’t say it here.
Personal attacks against other members will not be allowed for any reason.