One of the key concepts that I finished my introduction blog with was to always remember, the greatest gift we can give others is to become the strongest version of ourselves and teach others how to do the same, while always finding the time to give back to those in need. We all have different paths in life with many different levels of challenges and adversity to overcome. With that said we will always have times of complete vulnerability where we need help from others.

          Today is a special day where we get the chance to give thanks to the veterans who have served our country. This is something we should do more often, not just on one day of the year. We often times get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget that we live in the best country in the world. One of the key reasons as to why this is possible is because of the many men and women who have sacrificed their lives to serve our country. Many of our veterans and there families are left with lifetime wounds both mentally and emotionally (PTSD), as well as physically. I find it disheartening at times that we do not do enough for our veterans especially since they protect one of the greatest treasures that our country was founded upon, our freedom. Many look at homeless people and say well they made a choice to be that way or they could choose to get a job if they wanted.

Did you know that 1 in 7 homeless adults are veterans?

            Do you think that these men and women said to us, if you want your freedom go sacrifice your life on your own? No they did not. They sacrificed their lives, their families lives to protect our freedom so that we could continue to live in the best country in the world, the USA. They saw that as a country we needed them. Yet when they come back are we willing to help them when they are in need?


            When I was in graduate school studying for my MBA, I was helping teach classes with one of my mentor’s (a Veteran) who had dealt with having throat cancer multiple times in his life. I remember receiving a phone call from the head of the financial education department that he was admitted for another round of therapy and would like me to teach both his undergraduate and graduate courses. I recall looking at my schedule of more than a full-time graduate course load and working for Citigroup, wondering how this was possible. These courses meant everything to my mentor and due to the nature of the timing (3 days prior to the start of the semester) they were faced with the possibility of being cancelled. Not only would this have crushed the spirits of my mentor who was facing a health crisis but many students would have not been able to graduate. I had taught both of these courses (Financial Markets and Institutions and Commercial Banking) concurrently with him for quite some time but having to teach them on my own would be different.

       A key principle I have always lived my life by which is the words bolded above. In this case my mentor was vulnerable and in need. Many times we fall into different levels of Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs depending on our current life circumstances. If you’re not familiar see below.


            My mentor’s heath (physiological) was failing him and teaching was his life’s purpose. Many who have faced difficult times in their life know how important your life’s purpose is during these times be it your (kids, family, career etc.) as it gives you hope of better days ahead. I gladly accepted this challenge knowing I could not only be of service to others but to feel this need in such a vulnerable time.

            Many of you may be wondering why I am bringing this up on a financial blog. The reason is that I believe that giving to those in need (when your able) is as important to your growth as an individual and long term financial success. I give away much of time, knowledge and expertise for free both here at Grey Trading School and as well on Stocktwits. In life it is important to always have a bigger picture or a bigger purpose in mind, whatever you choose that to be. Personally I choose to use some of financial profits to give back to those in need.

            I have been busy as of late planning our (My twin brother and I) fourth annual “Magical Birthday’s” celebration. This will be the fourth year where we use our birthday as a time to give to those in need. We purchase winter coats and hand them out to the homeless. The vision is to be able to warm the hearts and bodies of the homeless during the most difficult part of the year. We have met so many veterans over the 3 years doing this who have been broken by war and truly need assistance. Many of them need to know that someone cares the same way they bravely protected our country, we need to step up and help.  Here is a video from year one (3 years ago) of us handing out coats to the homeless on our birthday. 

     I personally don’t want any recognition and yet I do want to inspire and facilitate more of this vision in the world. This is why I bring it up as part of creating financial abundance is shifting our mindset towards helping others in my opinion. If any of my work has at all helped you and you feel moved to help us, we truly appreciate it.

       I hope that not only will you be moved to donate towards this cause but if not able to will at some point follow suit with actions of your own. I believe our world must be changed from within, as what we focus on is ultimately what we create. There are no donations too small of $1, $20, $100 etc. or too big. Whatever resonates within your heart, we thank you, as do the people who will be affected by gracious and heart-warming generosity.

Please visit our website here or click the button below if you're interested in donating and helping the homeless, many of which are the brave men and women who selflessly served to protect our freedom. I think it's time we help them. The videos below are from the last 3 years of doing Magical Birthay's.


If you missed my most recent published article on ORIG you can see it here or click the image below.

Remember as I always say:

"The greatest gift we can give others is to become the strongest version of ourselves and teach others how to do the same, while always finding the time to give back to those in need."

All the Best,

Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to All who have served this great country!

Wesley Kress, MBA - 32 Prosperity


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